For Sale: Mercedes Coupe W112 300SE

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This site has been set up to sell one vehicle, my 300SE W112 Coupé, located in Australia, if you want some details that are not on the actual car link above, please use the contact link below.

Click here to go directly to the vehicle page : https://300se-w112-coupe-for-sale.com/w112-300se-coupe/mercedes-w112-300se-coupe-for-sale.html

I have been asked a number of times "Is this car Right Hand Drive", the answer "Yes, it was delivered from the factory with right-hand-drive".


In the book "Essential Mercedes coupes Cabriolet's and saloons 1953 to 1967" James Taylor remarked whether the price differential of more than 30% was ever justified in terms of value for money for the 300SE (over the 220 SE) is debatable, but around 500 customers a year were prepared to pay it.

This car features an all alloy 3 L engine, and had a top speed when new of 190 km an hour which is 118 miles an hour. It is easy to recognise this particular model designation as it is unique in having the chrome waistband and chrome wheel arches as standard features.

  • The 300SE model was one of the last hand built Mercedes
  • Only 270 right-hand-drive models were produced (unconfirmed)
  • This vehicle was a styling triumph for Paul Bracq
  • It has an all leather interior
  • Air suspension is a standard feature in this model
  • 14 inch wheels although I believe when initially supplied it had 13 inch wheels. (debatable, may have always had 14")
  • You will notice the speedometer has the higher rated top speed
  • This model features the all timber binnacle which of course was hand crafted using carefully matched timber veneer
  • This vehicle also features a courtesy light delay, very sophisticated for its time!

This is a work in progress, photos will be added and more details will be available. A few International car-freight companies have been listed.

Links below are for other 300SE W112 vehicles

Update: April 2019;

Same year, same model, ordered by King Hussein of Jordan: http://www.coys.co.uk/cars/1964-mercedes-benz-300-se-coupe   

http://www.coys.co.uk/cars/1966-mercedes-benz-300-se-coupe Left hand drive 

http://www.coys.co.uk/cars/1971-mercedes-benz-280se-3-5-coupe 3.5 so no timber on the dash binnacle and still no air-conditioning! But, is is quite beautiful.

Update: March 2018: see photos 164 and 264 https://newatlas.com/2018-amelia-island-collectible-car-auction-preview/53650/

Here is a nicely restored (or perhaps original) for sale: https://www.classic-trader.com/au/cars/listing/mercedes-benz/300/300-se/1965/39565 but still no air-con!

See this hemmings link: https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/?0=0&adtypeFacet=Vehicles%20for%20Sale&makeFacet=Mercedes-Benz&modelFacet[]=300SE&sort=sort_time_desc&page_size=15&year_min=1959&year_max=1968.

Coys UK: http://www.coys.co.uk/?s=300se

Classic Trader https://www.classic-trader.com/au/cars/search/mercedes-benz?make=110&manufacturerCode=W+112&locationDistanceUnit=mls&pagination%5BentriesPerPage%5D=15&pagination%5Bpage%5D=1&pagination%5Breset%5D=0&sorting%5Bsorting%5D=datePublished_desc

If this website is still visible, the car is still for sale